Superstar Readers

All the children in school were challenged to read 50 books this half term.

All the children received a certificate of congratulations from Mrs Ainsley.

Well done to all the children in Garnet Class who gained a certificate.


What you can do at home:

Share books with your child, talking about the illustrations, characters and events

Read to your child regularly

Listen to your child read daily.




The children were very excited during the run up to Easter. They shared their experiences from home and talked about what was going to happen.

We were a little bit curious though and wondered how chocolate eggs were made.

We then wondered how chocolate was even made and where it came from.

We decided to find out…. Can you remember how we carried out our research?Can you remember what we learned?

Chocolate grows on trees – Lois

But not in England because the sun doesn’t shine enough here – Lulamisa

Its in a hot country, and they cut the pods from the trees and let them dry – Toochi

They have to squish em up so it looks like powder – Alfie

They got to mix it with sugar and milk in the factory so it tastes yummy – Lindon

It mixes in a factory  and then they put it in a wrapper – Jacob

We then talked about what we liked to eat and make which is made from chocolate – the children decided that they wanted to make Rice Crispie Buns but they needed to use the learning they had been doing about data handling to make sure that they made enough buns for everyone.

Can you remember some of the ways we record data?


How you can continue your child’s learning at home:

Allow your child to carry out tasks at home.

Talk to your child about the changes they see in materials around them.

Encourage your child to solve problems independently

Eggs and Dinosaurs

We received a letter from the Easter Bunny asking us to search for the eggs he had hidden around school

Can you remember where the clues were hidden?

Can you remember what we found at the end of the hunt?

We thought about what might be inside the egg, was it made of chocolate or was it something alive? We decided to take care of the egg and wait to find out if something hatched.

We were a little bit impatient though and decided that we would do a little investigating to find out what it could possibly be if it were alive.

Can you remember some of the animals which hatch from eggs?

Can you remember some of the features of animals which hatch from eggs and some of the features of animals which are born alive from their mother?

We wrote a story to record our learning……

One day we came to school and realised that the egg had disappeared but we did find something strange outside….

Can you remember some of the information you found out?

What you can do at home:

Ask your child what they have learned about dinosaurs

Show your child how to safely use the internet or take them to the library to find out information about their interests.

Encourage your child to record their learning using pictures and their phonics knowledge.

100 Days Smarter

We have been using our calendar to count the number of days we have been coming to school. When we got to 100 we decided to have a celebration.

Can you remember some of the things you have learned since starting school? Look through the blog to remind yourself.

On day 100 the grown ups gave us lots of challenges to complete. Here are just a few…..


After we had completed the challenges we had a little party.

What have we been learning?

To count forwards and backwards, to count in ones and tens, about place value and how many there are in each lot of ten.


We have been learning about Caterpillar life cycles over last half term.

We were lucky enough to have a special delivery of tiny caterpillars to Class.

We watched them grow very quickly. We didn’t need to feed them leaves though because they came in a special pot which had their food inside.

Can you remember what happened next?

Soon they began to split their skin and made a cocoon.

Can you remember what happens next?

Some children drew life cycles on the IWB

Unfortunately the butterflies didn’t emerge from the cocoons until the Easter holidays but Miss Deighton took good care of them and set them free when it was time for the butterflies to be released into the garden. D309F549-A7EC-41B6-83AA-7B9985AFEC28


Cannon Hall Farm

We went on our visit to Cannon Hall Farm this week and had a wonderful time.

First we had to get ready to go, we talked about how to keep ourselves safe then lined up so that we could walk up to the coach. We all remembered to put on our seat belts and remembered to stay sitting until we got to the farm.

When we were on the coach we passed lots of houses on the Manor but then when we reached the country side we began to see lots more fields, some even had animals in them!

It was quite a long journey but soon we started noticing the brown signs which told us the directions to the farm.

Once we arrived at the farm we walked down to the entrance where we were met by Charlotte. She showed us where we were going to have our lunch and we had our snack.



Next we went to the Meercats where we met Gill, she took us on a tour of the farm. She showed us the new born piglets, we all thought they were really funny because they kept jumping all over the mummy pigs. They didn’t seem to mind though because the mummy’s just kept on sleeping. After we saw the piglets Gill took us to the next barn. We were so amazed because the pigs had grown so much in just a few weeks. Some of the pigs like to play football and others raced up and down, teasing their sleeping brother and sisters.

Next we went to the Rare Breeds barn where we saw lots of different animals; there were Llama’s and Alpaca’s, there were goats and sheep, there were horses and ponies. Can you remember which animal is which?

At the end of our tour we had the opportunity to stroke a rabbit and guinea pig. They were very well behaved and felt so soft and warm. We made sure to wash our hands before we left the barns because we didn’t want to risk becoming ill when we put our hands near our mouths.

As we walked to the sheep pens we were lucky enough to watch the ferret racing.

Can you remember what the blue ferret tried to do? He was so cheeky!

We saw lots of sheep in the pens, they were all waiting to have their babies.


Can you remember what a baby sheep is called?

Next it was time to watch the sheep race, we all got a coloured ticket and the green sheep won. Jacob was lucky enough to have the winning ticket and he won the prize of a free day pass. Well done Jacob.

Finally, it was the moment everyone was waiting for, LUNCHTIME! The children did really well eating their picnic lunch but couldn’t wait until they could go to the park. First though we had a quick trip to the reptile house.

Can you remember some of the animals you saw in the reptile house?

The children had a fabulous time exploring the Adventure Playground and were very disappointed when it was time to return to the coach and come back to school. It wasn’t long into the journey before the children began falling asleep.

THANK YOU to all the grownups who came along to help.