Week 6 in Garnet Class

The Spring term has flown by and Easter is nearly here!

This week we have had lots of Easter activities in the classroom.


We have been finding out where chocolate comes from.  We now know that it comes from the seeds of the cacao tree which grows in hot, tropical countries like Brazil and Africa.  The seed pods grow on the trunk of the tree. The farmers split open the pods to take out the cacao beans which are then fermented, heated and dried before being sent by boat to the chocolate factories.  The beans travel up to 3,000 miles before being made into chocolate!

Image result for cocoa beans free pictures

Image result for cocoa beans free pictures

Cocoa Beans

We used chocolate to make delicious Easter nests.  This activity helped us with our Maths as we had to weigh and measure all of the ingredients.

A big thank you to all the adults who helped the children to make some lovely Easter crafts on Friday morning.  We had a great time.

What an amazing end to the week we had as everyone spent Friday watching our chicks hatching in Miss Parker’s room.  It was wonderful to see the little chicks breaking out of the eggs.  Everyone had a chance to hold a chick.  We were all very quiet and gentle when we handled them so that they didn’t get frightened.

Our Writer of the Week deserves to be given a special writing pencil because she never stops writing!  This week she has been using the interactive whiteboard to write her friend’s name.

Our Mathematician of the Week has been practising his counting.  He used play dough to make some Easter buns and knew that he had 12 buns in his tray.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday.

Happy Easter Pictures

Week 5 in Garnet Class

We have had an exciting delivery in the Onyx classroom.  The children have been finding out about the life cycle of a chicken and are looking forward to having some baby chicks in the classroom.  They learnt that the eggs are in a special container called an incubator which keeps the eggs warm.  If the eggs get cold the chick inside will die.

A very big, mysterious egg also appeared in the classroom.  The children had different ideas about what was inside.

“I think it’s a magic egg.”

“I think it’s chicks because I saw it wobble.”

“Lots of chocolate chips!”

KODAK Digital Still Camera


We read The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett.  Duck finds an egg and waits for it to hatch.  He gets a big surprise as instead of a duckling there is a crocodile inside the egg!   We used the internet to find out about other animals which lay eggs.

Image result for The Odd Egg image


On Friday we had lots of parents who came to the Make a Board Game workshop in support of the NSPCC.  Everyone used their super maths skills to order numbers to make and decorate their own board game.  We even made our own dice.  All of the children deserved to be Mathematicians of the Week!

Displaying PicCollage

Mother’s Day and Red Nose Day

This week we have been thinking about some very special people – our mothers.  Here are a few of the things mums do for us –

“My mum is special because she gives me kisses and reads stories.”

“My mummy takes care of me and she makes me wraps.”

“She makes me tomato soup and lets me have iced gems.”

“Sometimes when I go from school she takes me to Junglemania.”

The children all worked hard to make a lovely card to say thank you.  We also learned a special song to sing to all the mums, sisters, nanans and aunties who came in to school on Monday.

Everyone had fun on Friday 24th March as it was RED NOSE DAY!.. We all wore something red and there were lots of funny red noses.  We learned that all the money raised goes to make life better for people in this country and in other parts of the world.  One child remembered what she had seen on television.  “On my television there were people drinking dirty water and then they go to hospital.”

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Our mathematician of the week did some fantastic work on addition.  Following on from our visit to Canon Hall Farm we were using animals to count the number of legs.  He wrote and solved his own addition problems.

Our writer of the week is looking forward to using her special pencil to write her own stories.

KODAK Digital Still Camera



Canon Hall Farm

What a wonderful trip we had to Canon Hall Farm on Wednesday.  The sun shone for us and everyone had a great time.  We saw lots of animals including pigs and piglets, goats, donkeys, cows and sheep with their new lambs.  The children enjoyed watching both ferret and sheep racing.

We watched the cows being milked and learned that as well as being good to drink, milk can be used to make yoghurt, butter, cheese and yummy chocolate.  Back at school, we even made our own butter which we spread on crackers and tasted.

making butter

In mathematics we have been reading the book ‘How Many Legs’ which is about lots of different animals who arrive for a party.  We read each page and counted how many legs there were on the animals.




We then used cubes to represent each leg and by the end of the book there was a big pile of cubes to count.  We used counting in 10s to find out that there were 177 cubes in our pile.  That’s a lot of legs!

In art we looked at the work of Piet Mondrian and tried to create our own artwork in the same style.


Week 2 – Day 100

We have now been in school for 100 days! Each day we have been using straws to help us count up to 100.  There have been lots of activities in the classroom based on the number 100.

Groups of children wanted to find out if we could get from one end of the corridor to the other in 100 steps.  We found out that the corridor was longer than 100 steps.

measuring corridor

Other children used a metre stick to find things in the classroom which were longer or shorter than 100 cm.

In PE this week we have been exploring movement.  We have tried to move like different animals – frogs, spiders, rabbits, crabs and caterpillars.

Our mathematician of the week has been counting in 10s.  He knew that 100 had ” a one, a zero and a zero.


Our writer of the week has been writing words with the sounds we have been learning.

Spring 2 Week 1

Wow! What a good week we have had in Garnet class.

We had 10 children who had 100% attendance in Spring term 1 so well done to all of you.


On Friday, Garnet class were one of the classes who received a certificate and trophy as we had 100% punctuality for the week so it was a great start to the Spring 2 term.

We celebrated pancake day by making delicious pancakes.  We tried different toppings and voted for our favourite one.  Chocolate spread was the most popular.

We had more excitement on Thursday which was World Book Day.  Children and staff came dressed as book characters and we had some amazing costumes.  Each class decorated their door for the school competition and we chose Commotion in the Ocean as our book theme.  We all worked hard to produce the artwork and labels and were thrilled when we were given first prize.  We chose the book “Room on the Broom” for our reading corner.


Our Writer of the week has been working really hard on writing her letters.  She is practising writing her name.

Our Mathematician of the week has been showing how good she counting up to 20 and recognising numbers 1-20.  She could also say one more than a given number.



Love was in the air in Garnet class!  Our literacy focused on The Love Monster books.  Before reading the books, the children gave their views about monsters:

“Monsters are scary and they have sharp teeth.”

“They eats people.”

“Monsters are real because I saw one – it’s red and pink, I saw it at the gate.”

Image result for The love monster booksImage result for The love monster books

After reading the books, the children discussed what they liked about them:

“I liked it when they were holding hands.”

“The monster was lonely but then he went home.”

“I liked it when they fell in love.”

“His friends saved the last chocolate for him.”

We had lots of valentines activities.  We made and decorated love hearts, used play dough to make boxes of chocolates and went on a love heart hunt outside.




Our Mathematician of the week showed that she could jump back on a number track to solve a subtraction problem.  Our Writer of the week has been working hard on writing CVC words.  Super work girls!