Parent Reading

Miss Deighton and the children in Garnet Class would like to say a HUGE thank you to the parents who stay in school for an extra 10 minutes one day a week to read with their child.


This is having a positive impact on their ability to handle books; knowing that you turn pages left to right and one at a time, knowing the difference between illustrations and text, finding the title and the blurb.  They are now more able to talk about the illustrations, make up their own stories and answer simple questions about the text as well as making some fabulous predictions about what might happen next.

All of these are vital skills which are helping your children to develop their reading and literacy skills.

Please take a look at the target book marks below, these are just a few of the skills you will be helping your child to achieve by just spending 10 minutes a day sharing a book with them.ADF75870-6081-4040-A8F9-FAD625CB8959Books are available in class for you to take home and practice with your children, ask an adult in class if you are unsure where to find them.


Gingerbread Hunt

We had a special visitor come to our school. He left a clue for us and we had to work out where to go next to find out who he was. It was a fantastic chance to have a look round our new school as we went upstairs and downstairs, along corridors and outside too! Do you think we found him in the end? Read on to find out….

Look at the pictures with your child to see if they remember where we went and which rooms we had to go to.


9487A37E-AD2D-47DD-AA40-645670AC80CFThe first clue we found in the classroom said to find a room with lots of books. Off we went to find the Library…. We have a library in school as well as the visits we make to Manor Top Library. You can issue books for your child. Please ask for more details.


We found another clue in the Library so couldn’t stay to read. We didn’t want the Gingerbread Man to get away from us. Next we had to go to the place where people answer the phones before finding the room we eat in- the office and the hall of course!


We found out there is a hall in our new school where we have dinner, do PE and have all our assemblies. We can’t wait to do PE! Our next clue said to go where they are 3 so it was off to Nursery next to see the three year olds there.


From Nursery we had to go outside and all the way down to the MUGA (multi-use games area). The Gingerbread Man did well did get down there and back without anyone seeing him. Next we had to go where the teachers drink their tea which meant the staff room. The staff room is back upstairs but this time we used the yellow stairs. Did you know there’s a blue staircase and a yellow one?

9CE1DF1D-5D8B-4E60-A9E4-7A269B027B95We asked Miss French if she’d seen the Gingerbread Man and she hadn’t but he’d left another note. We followed the clue the Gingerbread Man left to go to the room which is best. We all know that Garnet class is the best so off we went back down the stairs.


We all had a great time chasing the Gingerbread Man and although we didn’t find him we loved eating the gingerbread men he left. It was a great way to get to know our new school.

We hope the Gingerbread Man comes back again soon.



The Building Site

We all had a fabulous opportunity to learn about the building site next to school.

Some children and their grown ups went to the hall where we listened to a story. Can you remember which story it was? Can you remember what they built their houses from? Which was the strongest? After listening to the story we were given some mortar and miniature bricks to build a house as a group. The children were so good at taking turns and sharing. Miss Deighton was so proud of everyone it nearly brought a happy tear to her eyes.



After that we took it in turns to visit the building site and find ask the builders who work there some questions. Can you remember which questions you asked? Can you remember why the diggers are digging a big hole? Can you remember the names of the different houses we saw?

When we got back to school some children decided to write stories about the building site, some decided to practice building houses for The Three Little Pigs and some children used the blocks to build large and small houses. Other children decided to tell and reenact the story of The Three Little pigs.

We all had a wonderful time and would like to thank Engie for helping us to learn.


Starting School

It has been lovely for Miss Deighton and all the other teachers to see how well the children have settled into school life. We can’t wait to get to know them better and to help them on their learning journey over the next year. Everyone has made a really good start to the new year and all the grown ups through out school have commented on how sensible the children in Garnet class are when walking around school.

We started off sharing all the children between the two classes and seeing who became friends with who and where children were best suited. The children had the opportunity to explore all the activities in both classrooms and outside as while getting to know all the teachers who will be helping them over the next year. This was a really good way of making sure that Onyx and Garnet are the best classes in school and all the children are happy. Some of our Nursery teachers came to say hi and see how we were getting on too.

Here are a few photo’s of the children’s first weeks in school.

The children also enjoyed it when we started going for lunch in the big hall. It was exciting but a little bit scary because we’d not done it before. Everyone did great though and all the lunchtime supervisors commented on how impressed they were with the children’s use of cutlery and sitting at the tables. Even Mr Sciezkarek came to see how everyone was getting on. He left very impressed.

We all had lots of time to make new friends and for those who came to Prince Edwards Nursery to meet back up with their old friends.

Don’t forget to keep checking back to see what we’ve been up to.

And don’t forget to let us know what you’ve been doing at home on the class email address. Please ask in class if you’re not sure what it is.


A big congratulations to our award winners for the last two weeks.

Our Magnificent Mathematicians are a pleasure to watch as they involve themselves in their independent learning. They have also begun to concentrate for longer during carpet learning and are now eager to answer questions.



The Superstar Writers are 2 children who find writing difficult, this doesn’t stop them from trying though and this week they wrote some fabulous sentences in their writing journals.



Father’s Day

Foundation and Key Stage one invited all the male relatives of children into school to celebrate Father’s Day.

We had lots of fun playing on the park

And using the different sports equipment.

We showed our grown ups around our allotments and our playground.

848A422B-D236-48F8-960B-5016A04A384AA HUGE thank you to all the grown ups who came along and made sure we had a wonderful time.

Football Training

Thr Reception children have been given a fantastic opportunity to attend an after school club where they will be trained by some Sheffield United football coaches.

On the first session, the children learned about the importance of good listening skills when they played a warm up game of traffic lights.

They then practised their dribbling skills, making sure that they made tiny touches so that they didn’t loose control of the ball.

Next, they practised changing feet, this will help them to keep procession of the ball when an opponent tackles them in a real match.

Finally, they practised their passing skills, this was a more difficult skill to develop and there were lots of children chasing balls. They are going to practise this skill again next week.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Little for organising the training.