Lost and Found

Before Christmas we read the story Lost and Found, can you remember the characters in the story?

The boy found a penguin on his doorstep and set off on an adventure to help him to get home, can you remember where he lived and how they travelled?

The boy and the penguin sent a letter to Garnet, asking for our help, they wanted to visit the polar bears in the North Pole and needed a map to help them find their way. Garnet class made a map to guide them. Can you remember some of the countries and cities we drew on the map?

They sent another letter asking us to write a list of things to pack for their journey. Can you remember what we wrote on the list? Why did we include hat, scarf, gloves and coat?

Some children began to get a little worried ……. we began to realise how big the world is and how many countries and houses Father Christmas would need to visit on Christmas Eve. How would he remember where we all live? We didn’t want to get the wrong presents! We decided to make a map of our local area and then we put our houses on the correct road. We then sent our map to Santa to help him remember where we live. Can you remember where you live? Did Santa visit your house, was our map useful?


How you can help at home:

Teach your child their address.

Talk about your local area and how this is different from other places.


Thank you Miss Malone

Miss Malone is learning to be a teacher and had heard so many fabulous tales about how Garnet Class are such amazing learners and lovely children that she just had to come and take a look for herself.

When she visited Prince Edward School she was so impressed that she asked if she could come and learn alongside the children.

Miss Malone loved listening to lots of children read, she helped them to make gifts for their grown-ups and helped them to make maps so that Santa could find their houses on Christmas Eve. Miss Malone was a great help during the Christmas party, making sure that everyone won a prize and cleaning up the paper so that the children could dance safely.



Thank you for visiting our class, we loved having you around and hope that you will come back soon x

Santa’s visit

Garnet and Onyx class were so lucky this year, Santa made enough time in his busy schedule to come and visit us in school. The children were a credit to their grown-ups, they asked lots of interesting questions about Santa and his busy life and also used lovely manners when thanking him for their gifts. 


Thank you Santa, we hope to see you again next year.

Christmas Performance 2017

We did our Christmas Nativity for our grown-ups and we did such an amazing job! Everybody remembered their lines and their acting. We all did a fabulous job of singing all the songs. Well done everyone!

You can see all the special roles here. Do you recognise anyone? 


And here we are in some action shots….


A huge well done to everyone! You were all superstars! 🙂 Your parents and carers thought so too. Look at some of the amazing comments they left.


Parent Workshop

We invited parents into school on Friday to join in with their children’s learning.

We provided lots of resources to make different Christmas crafts. The children had a fabulous time, did the parents enjoy themselves too? What do you remember making with your grown up?

We provided lots of activities to help children develop their fine motor skill and strengthen the muscles in our fingers. This will help us to write our letters and sounds.

Here are a few photographs of the parents and children enjoying participating in the activities.

Lots of children made tiny cookie houses. They looked really tasty!

We made Angels to decorate the class. They look beautiful in the window.

We made baubles for the tree. Can you email any photographs of them on your tree?

We made garlands and gift tags too.

Some children made Christmas cards and some visited Miss Parker’s Class.

Thankyou to all the parents and children who came, you made the event a huge success.

Snow and Elf on the Shelf

We read some fabulous books this week and decided that we would like to learn more about snow.

First we talked about what snow is, where it comes from and how it impacts on our life. We thought of lots of words to describe the snow, can you remember any of the words? Can you remember where snow comes from? Can you remember what snow is? What happens to snow when it melts? What does it feel like to walk on snow?

We talked about what we should wear to stay warm and compared this to clothes we would wear in Summer. What would you wear in Summer that you wouldn’t wear in winter? 

Then we talked about the animals we might find in the snow and where they might live. Can you remember what happens to some animals when its winter time? How do they store their food? How do they keep warm? Do you remember where Polar Bears and Penguins live?

We have an Elf in class who has come to visit from Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. He gave us a book to read about 10 Little Elves who save Christmas, and he writes letters to us which have challenges for us to carry out.

Today he told us that he misses the snow and asked us if we would do a snow dance to help it snow. We had such fun.

5202F1A5-28F7-45BF-9B7B-5775F6E44128 He asked us to write lists of gifts for us and our families and sends copies of our work to Santa.

When we were writing the address on the envelope we realised that we are not quite sure where the North Pole is, next week we are going to investigate this. Can you remember what we could use to find out where the North Pole is? 

How you can help:

Please remember to bring warm clothes for your child to put on. They go outdoors for around 45 minutes every lunchtime and need to stay warm. Gloves and a hat need to be part of your child’s school uniform.

Please remember to look in the Floor Book to see examples of our work.