We have been busy …

We had a fantastic time at the FS2/KS1 Sports Day on 7 July.  Lots of parents came to watch the children taken part in different activities so a big thank you for your support.  The children were divided up into mixed age teams and enjoyed working with children from KS1.

On Monday we had our final Forest School session in the Secret Garden.  This week we used natural materials to create pieces of art work.

The children then used their imagination to make their own creature.  We made sure the creatures had somewhere to hide for the rest of the summer.

Finally, we took turns to toast marshmallows on sticks over an open fire.  First we all listened very carefully to the safety instructions.  The marshmallows were soft and gooey inside and tasted delicious!


Forest Schools

Garnet class had another fantastic morning in the Secret Garden.

Today we started with another game of winter dragons.  There were some very ferocious, loud dragons!


When we went into the Secret Garden we played a game passing ‘Sneaky Bob’ around the circle.  Sneaky Bob was a small stick character. One person was the detective in the centre and they had to try to guess who was holding ‘Sneaky Bob’ behind their back.


Then the real fun started as we all joined in to collect sticks to make a den.  We learnt how to carry the sticks safely.  The children all showed that they could work as a team to organise and construct their dens.  They were very proud of their constructions. We even had dens with a ‘tap’, a flag and a front door mat!


When we had finished creating our dens we needed some food.  What could be better than mud pies?  We made lots of lovely, gloopy mud and the children ‘cooked’ up some wonderful recipes.  We had chocolate mud, mud ice cream, mud cheesecake, mud soup …


The time flew by and it was soon time for our real lunch but we can’t wait for next Monday!

Welcome to Foundation Stage- Reception (FS2)- Download our Book

This is a time of transition for all the children and Garnet class have been remembering how they felt when they moved up from FS1 last year.  They thought that the FS1 children might be feeling happy, sad, excited, a little bit scared and nervous so they decided they could help the children by telling them about what it is like in FS2.



To download the FS2 book please click on this link

We recommend that you look at the book together, either on a computer or tablet or you can print a copy and keep it at home. The more familiar your child is with the pictures and names of everything the more secure they will feel when they start school in September.

Miss Hulme will continue to share the book with the children in Prince Edward Nursery and we will be making this link known to all the other nurseries we are expecting children to come to us from.

We look forward to meeting you and your child as they start with us in Foundation Stage Two (Reception) if we haven’t already seen you on a visit.

Visit 1- Thursday 6th July

Parents Meeting- Monday 10th July

Visit 2- Wednesday 12th July

You will have received more details in a letter at your home. Please phone school on (0114) 2281900 if you haven’t received a letter and we will let you know the details of the visits and full transition.

Pride of Prince Edward

The Friday Mentions Assembly was particularly exciting last week as a member of Garnet class received the Pride of Prince Edward award.  Although she is only 5 she is already worthy of this award as she is kind and gentle to others, helpful to everyone and always puts 100% effort into whatever she does.  What a star!


Displaying photo.JPG

Forest Schools

We had a wonderful time on Monday when we spent the afternoon in the Secret Garden with Matt and Sarah from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Before we went into the garden we played a game of dragons.  Two children were the dragons and when they touched you it meant that you were frozen and had to wait to be rescued.  We all made scary dragon faces.

We then went into the garden and listened carefully to Matt’s safety instructions.

Our first activity was to find lots of woolly worms.  We all managed to find one but some were really tricky to find as they were green and hid among the leaves and grass.

Then we went on a bug hunt.  We looked carefully under the leaves and in the grass to find lots of different creatures.  We found ladybirds, butterflies, woodlice, slugs, frog hoppers and an earwig.  We were very gentle and put them into our collecting pots to look at them.

Sarah had brought lots of information cards so we could find out what our bugs were.

When we had all looked at the bugs we were very careful to put them back where we found them.  We then had fun collected twigs, leaves and flowers to decorate leaf shapes.

The afternoon went very quickly but we are all looking forward to going to the garden again next Monday.  We were lucky with the weather this week but please check the weather forecast to make sure we have suitable clothes and footwear.

Making Ice-cream

We have had an ice-cream parlour in our classroom as our role play.  Everyone has enjoyed taking orders and serving ice-creams and lollies to our customers.

We all got very excited when Mrs Cooper said that we were going to work together to make our own ice-cream.  This is how we did it.

Some children knew that we needed cream and milk so we started by pouring cream and milk into a bag.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

We also added some sugar and vanilla flavouring.  Everyone decided that vanilla smelled good.

Mrs Cooper sealed the bag so that it did not leak.  Then we put lots of ice-cubes and salt into a bigger bag.

We mixed the ice-cubes and salt together and placed our smaller bag of mixture into the big bag with the ice and tied the bag up tight.  It felt very cold so Mrs Cooper wrapped it in a towel. Then we shook it.

Shake, shake, shake …

Shake, shake, shake …

After lots of shaking we opened the bag.  The milk and cream had thickened and turned into yummy ice-cream!

Everyone tried our home-made ice-cream.  We added sprinkles and chocolate chips which made it even more delicious!

“It tasted milky”.

“It was delicious and chocolatey.”

“It tasted a bit weird but I liked it.”

“It felt soft and creamy”

“It was fluffy.”