Father’s Day

Foundation and Key Stage one invited all the male relatives of children into school to celebrate Father’s Day.

We had lots of fun playing on the park

And using the different sports equipment.

We showed our grown ups around our allotments and our playground.

848A422B-D236-48F8-960B-5016A04A384AA HUGE thank you to all the grown ups who came along and made sure we had a wonderful time.


Football Training

Thr Reception children have been given a fantastic opportunity to attend an after school club where they will be trained by some Sheffield United football coaches.

On the first session, the children learned about the importance of good listening skills when they played a warm up game of traffic lights.

They then practised their dribbling skills, making sure that they made tiny touches so that they didn’t loose control of the ball.

Next, they practised changing feet, this will help them to keep procession of the ball when an opponent tackles them in a real match.

Finally, they practised their passing skills, this was a more difficult skill to develop and there were lots of children chasing balls. They are going to practise this skill again next week.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Little for organising the training.


This week’s Magnificent Mathematician showed her understanding of different ways of measuring – she explained how to measure the height and lengths of objects, how to measure the distance an object travels, how to measure how long it takes to complete a task and how to measure the weight of an object. She knew which tools she needed to take each measurement and understood that when we measure capacity we can use any media. A fabulous Well Done to You!


Our Superstar Writer impressed Miss Deighton and Mrs. Raynes because of her perseverance. She doesn’t have very much confidence in her ability to write independently but with a little bit of encouragement, she was able to write and read back her story about the volcanoes. Well Done and keep up the good work!60567CD7-87FA-45B3-AAE9-D862B94BED00

Forest School

Garnet class had their first Forest School session this week. We had a fabulous time!

First, we talked about the rules we needed to follow to keep ourselves safe in the Secret Garden. Can you remember our most important rules?

We placed markers around the area to make sure that everyone knew where the boundaries are and looked at the plants which might hurt us if we touch them. Can you remember what they look like?


We decided that the most important rule was to have FUN!

We wanted to explore the area whilst we played hide and seek but the wind was blowing so hard that we couldn’t hear each other very well so we played Tig instead.

After that, we took a closer look at the trees. Did you know that every tree is different and has bark on the outside to protect it?

We noticed that each tree bark had a different pattern and decided to make some art to take back to class. We rubbed a crayon over the paper very carefully to make the same pattern on our paper. Can you remember which way we had to hold the crayon?

We made some amazing patterns from the tree trunks.

Our last job was to go foraging, our task was to find one interesting object to take back to class so that we could work together to make a mobile; bringing a little bit of the Garden back into class. Can you remember what you found?

I think you will agree that our mobile looks amazing hung in the mud kitchen.

What we have been learning:

To use our senses to explore the world around us.

About our local environment and how to look after nature.

About how to keep ourselves safe.

What you can do at home:

Visit your local green areas and talk about what you can hear, see, smell and touch.





Lots of children have been role playing around the theme of escaping volcanoes this week so we decided to extend our knowledge about volcanoes and carry out some research.

First, we generated some questions –

Why do volcanoes erupt?

Why do volcanoes have smoke?

Why do volcanoes shoot out fire?

What is lava?

Where are the volcanoes? Are there any volcanoes in Sheffield?

We then used the internet and books to find out the answers to our questions.

First, we researched the different countries where volcanoes are and found out that there are no active volcanoes in England. We looked at lots of videos showing volcanoes erupting and were happy that we don’t need to worry about it happening near us.  Miss Parker and Miss Deighton showed us some pictures of some volcanoes from their holidays…. when they visited the volcanoes in Italy and Hawaii they were not erupting so they didn’t need to worry about getting hurt either.

We looked on the internet to find out why volcanoes erupt- can you tell your grown-ups what you learned?

We found out that lava is very hot rock which has turned liquid and this is why it flows down the side of volcanoes. Can you remember what happens to lava when it cools down?

We also found out that when volcanoes are formed they sometimes make Islands, we watched a movie on youtube which showed us how this happens.

We found out that volcanoes don’t erupt fire. We learned that the magma inside the Earth is pushed up towards the surface and when it explodes out it becomes molten lava. Because the lava is very hot it burns anything it touches and causes smoke.

Some children made their own volcanoes using different materials.

We also decided to make a class volcano – first we used a bottle and paper mache to form a volcano shape, then we painted it. We put bicarbonate soda in the bottom of the bottle and poured vinegar on top. Can you remember what happened next?

After that, we decided to write stories about how we could escape an exploding volcano. We talked about how stories are structured and what we need to include in the beginning, middle and end of our story. Can you remember what to include in the beginning, middle and end of a story?

We shared our ideas and planned our story.  We decided that the character was going to be Miss Deighton and the setting was going to be a volcano in Africa. We decided that our problem was going to be the volcano erupting and we decided that we would solve the problem by Miss Deighton going home. Finally, we wrote our story on the Interactive Whiteboard using our phonics knowledge.


What have we been learning?

About environments around the world and how they differ to ours.

About rocks and how they are formed.

About different properties of materials – gas, liquid and solid.

About the structure of stories.

Practicing how to use our phonics to write sentences.

What you can do at home:

Try out the experiment yourself.

Talk to your child about the natural world and changes to the environment.


This weeks awards go to two children who always try their hardest with everything they do.

Our Superstar Writer hasn’t put his pencil down all week! He has been inspired by this weeks learning about volcanoes and has recorded his learning in lots of ways. He wrote a story about how he would escape from an erupting volcano. He wrote a description of how an Island is formed and drew and labelled an erupting volcano. Well done, you have worked hard all week long.


This weeks Magnificent Mathematician WOWED all the grown ups and children with his work on money. He was able to name all the Coins and put them in order of value, he was able to pay for items with a mixture of coins and was able to calculate and give the correct amount of change. AMAZING!


Reading Buddies

Garnet and Onyx Class have been very lucky over the last few weeks because we have had some amazing helpers in our class.

Miss Deighton invited Y5 children to take part in a Reading Buddies after school club with Reception children.

Each Y5 child was buddied up with 2 Reception children. They played lots of different Phonics games and listened to the younger children read which developed the Reception children’s ability to segment and blend words whilst also aiding their comprehension skills and consolidating their knowledge of how books are organised.

Miss Deighton was particularly impressed with the Y5 children’s mature and helpful manner towards the younger children. Instead of telling the Reception children what the words said they encouraged them to use their exsisting knowledge of Phonics to sound out the words. They also asked very specific questions to check their understanding of what they had read.

A great big thank you to all the children involved.