Dinosaurs Galore

Last week we finished learning all about Dinosaurs. The children in Garnet class had been discussing what they wanted to learn about, and for a long time lots of children said DINOSAURS. So we decided to learn all about Dinosaurs and this is what we did…

First we had a chat about what we knew about Dinosaurs. We found out that children already knew lots already which meant we could have a bigger discussion as a class. This is our floor-book and what everybody discussed throughout the week.


We had lots of fun around our classroom and enjoyed pretending to be like dinosaurs.

Riley and Bethany investigated what Dinosaurs footprints looked like.

‘He’s got a little foot’ Bethany.

‘Yes a big foot too so he can go stomp’ Riley.


Aaliyah, Kayla and Daniel played in our Dinosaur small world and made up their own stories.

‘Rawwwrr, he is a big Dinosaur and can go stomp’ Aaliyah

‘My Dinosaur can be your friend because he is big too and can stomp’ Kayla

‘It’s dinner time now, time for Dinosaur food’ Aaliyah

‘We can eat the food together, Dinosaurs eat people and scare them’ Kayla.


‘I want a Dinosaur fight, big and loud, it will scare all the other Dinosaurs’. ‘It’s a T-Rex and he’s the biggest. He scares everybody and can smell people’ Daniel


The children wanted to know how big a Dinosaurs foot was. So we investigated it… We compared a foot-print to our own foot size by placing our shoes inside one at a time. We discussed weather we could fit any more inside until it was full and we couldn’t fit any more in. We found that 11 children’s shoes fit inside. The children said that meant it was a very big Dinosaur.


Look, 11 children’s shoes fit inside. Wow, that’s a big foot.IMG_1660

What have we been learning?

. To discuss what we know about Dinosaurs.

. To talk about the differences in Dinosaurs.

. To find out how and when the Dinosaurs lived.


How can we continue our learning at home?

. Have a conversation with your children about Dinosaurs, giving them a chance to talk about what they have learnt and also learn new vocabulary.

. Give your child opportunities to develop their imagination, such as using toys, props etc, to make up their own story.

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